Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Comes Early

It's still November. It's preety much early to have a conversation about Christmas. But it's not like what I'm thinking.

Come on. This is totally identical with situation in Malaysia. Although it was the 1st day of Ramadhan, we can hear and see already the Hari Raya advertisement right? More or less sales are everywhere. I supposed all kids are starting to wonder, what will they get from Mr. Santa this year*.

Here is what you might don't know about Europe and unequivocally one of the best thing about Europe, especially West Europe.

Today when I was walking in Regensburg Old Town, the scene are starting to change. Many shops and boutiques are already having sale for Christmas. And you know what this mean? Its "Shopping Spree" my friend.

In this post, I will not show you some cool stuff from me. This time, I will do the advertisement for a friend of mine.

As the prices of a lot of things drastically dropped, the same happened to outfit and accesseries. Here are the some timepieces  from Paris Hilton that available. It's not from the actual Paris Hilton, but from her fashion line.

Other colour are also available like light blue, navy white and pink.

Together with 4 charms. You can add or change with your own charms as well (color may differ from the picture).

With exclusive white box and 2 years warranty, what else do you want. Originally costs €139 (MYR 650), you don't want to believe what its prices right now. Contact Shahida for more info.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Hey all European Stuff Fan. First of all, I want to thank all of you for your constant comment and suggestion to this blog. I have nothing to promise you for your loyalty. But I do have one right now . Lets continue this Crazeness together.

In this post, I would like to show all of fellow European Stuff Fan what me call "strike gold". I just won a bid for Binary watch Kerala Trance KT217B1 for only RM 220. Compare it with its original price yourselves. For info about this watch, see my post "Smart Is The New Sexy".

Here are some photo of our lucky friend. Who knows one day it could be you.

With only RM45 added as the delivery expense, this friend of mine can enjoy wearing this cool timepiece for less then RM 300. For more info, ask him yourselves.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


As I mentioned from the very beginning, this blog is about my hobby. I have one hell of the hobby. And one of them is collecting Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt from places I've visited.

Dibs!!! Haha..So these are my private collection so far. Some of this blog's fan insisted to see those cool collection of mine. So, please enjoy yourselves.

In general, Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt can be divided in two categories. The first one is the common design that available in almost all Hard Rock Cafe store all over the world.

These are some design that you can find in any store. There also other design that availbe and for sure will be added in my collection really soon. The other category is the special addition, specially designed for a particular store. For example this T-shirt from Amsterdam and Berlin.

Ok.Here's the deal. Of course these T-Shirt are not for sale. These all my collection. But if anyone of you want to buy this cool T-Shirt as your collection, I'll try my best to find it for you. I can't assure that you can have what you wished. For example T-Shirt from Hard Rock Cafe Madrid. I went there already and I'm sure that I will not go there again in short time from now.

But the good news is every semester, someone from my friends here in Germany will go there. If you lucky enough, you can have what you wished. Please place your order as soon as possible. But keep this is mind. Don't tell your friends. Let makes this offer exclusive. Have a nice day.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Impossible To Love

A recently married man freaked out after unintentionally gave his wife 50 Dollar and said thanks after having quite wonderfull time together. But that was not all. What really freaked him out was when his wife jovially took the money and said " Thnks honey. Please do come again next time". Haha.. What in the world is up??

I don't know. I just found this story very funny and I feel like to share this to all of you.

Okay. Back to business. In this post I want to show all of European Stuff Fan some stuff that I can describe as "middle end" stuff from Germany. Its price is so much affordable compare with my previous post. It costs RM 149,90. Comes with 5 different colour, I guess you can't take your eyes off of this cool stuff untill you have your own.

These timepieces from GLAMOUR just have everything in such favourable prices. A quartz watch, decorated with some tiny little silver charm and finalized with leather armband. This bracelet is just impossible to be unloved. Please. Enjoy yourselves.

Suitable for any occassion and as give for special someone, this charm bracelet also comes in light blue and brown armband. Don't waste no more time.Grab this cool stuff right now.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

He`s Just Not That Into You

Hey all. I can give you ten reasons why women should marry an engineer. I believe some of us can give more than I did. But there is a single drawback that make engineers  less attractive than what they meant to be. Their obsessions to technology and technical stuff are sometimes just significant enough to make the beauty of every women out there seems to be valueless.

In this post I have something  that I want to share with all guys out there, so that you guys can learn how to appreciate beauty as well as technology and technik in the same time.

With hundred years worth of experience of being the world leading country in technical, compress in a single masterpiece, this hand made mechanical watch from THEOREMA is just out of its league.

Made with every mean of detail, this watch is much more than technik. It is an art. Currently occur in its origin country, Germany, with price less than RM 800, I believe THEOREMA FULLSKELETON  is the cheapest of its kind.

Serve your desire with some pictures of this very delicate timepiece. For all engineers out there, prove yourselves that you are not any random tasteless guy.

Out of curiousity, there are also other model such as this THEOREMA AVIGNON. Don't waste no more time. Grab this super cool stuff right now.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

From Paris With Love

Began as a family owned business, Cartier is now serving a lot of royal family as well as stars and celebrities. Founded in Paris, these timepieces really have brought love to everyone. I can't describe these watches as cool stuff because these watches as just super cool. I can't find another word of super cool in online dictionary.

This new collection from Cartier is called CAPTIVE DE CARTIER. Feast your eyes on this well-made timepieces. Made from white  gold and  surrounded with diamond, the elegentness of this collection is just indescribable.

In this collection from Cartier, these wonderfull timepieces are also availble in red and yellow gold. Enjoy your celebrity moment just by wearing this watch.

Actually there are around 5 more watches from CAPTIVE DE CARTIER. I only show this 3 because I want to keep this collection exclusive. With much affordable prices all of you can experience a lovely feeling from Paris. Don't waste anymore time and claim your celebrity moment now.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Gossip Girl

Hey Ladies. Sorry for being late. In this post, I will show you some cool stuff from D&G. If you don't know what D&G stand for, you should ask BrĂ¼no. Haha..

If you can't stop yourselves from gossiping about this cool stuff with your friend, I will give you an exception this time. Because I know, this watches are so damn cool.

From classy genuine leather wristband watch to elegant high quality silver watch, these Fall season collection from D&G are just irresistible. Suitable for any occassion even as gift for the special someone. All the fashion maniac out there, be the first to have this stuff.





 Mmmm.. How should i describe this watch. This D&G DW0357 might be very useful for a busy bussinesswoman who going for outstation every here and then. For travellers, you might know how this unique stuff can somehow help you.

Yeah.. I know.. This stuff just speak for itself.
 So.. what are you waiting for. Grab one for you or maybe for your special someone.

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